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Healthcare Division

Our dedicated healthcare professionals offer revenue cycle management solutions to all segments of the provider community including large healthcare systems, local community hospitals, academic institutions, and physician groups. As a full service revenue cycle management firm, our comprehensive service programs are customized and designed to reduce outstanding accounts receivable through increasing client productivity, profitability and cash flow. Our customized services include: extended business office programs, payment plan monitoring programs, insurance follow up, system cleanup recovery projects and a full range of bad debt collection services.

Utility/Telecom Division

Our dedicated utility/telecom professionals offer customized solutions to our customers who are in a competitive environment that requires them to employ advanced technology to meet the needs of their customers and potential customers. Utility and Telecommunication companies are forced to identify ways to streamline internal processes, reduce customer complaints, cut costs and focus on customer service. Credit Solutions experienced team of specialists can design, implement and manage customized contact campaigns for clients in the utility/telecom industry. Our goal is to resolve the delinquent balance and to work efficiently on your portfolio. We understand that the consumer is likely a potential return customer so we take a great deal of responsibility in representing our clients in a professional, courteous and ethical manner.

Financial Division

With rigid economic conditions, government oversight and more restrictive credit terms, financial service companies are finding it more difficult to acquire new customers and are faced with challenges that prevent existing customers from defaulting on their obligations. Credit Solutions is dedicated to working with clients in the financial service sector. We offer a full menu of customized account receivable management (ARM) solutions that are designed to help companies in the financial service sector so they can focus more on acquiring new customers while we focus on customers who are falling into delinquency or seriously overdue by helping the consumer bring their account current.

Government Division

In a challenging economy, government entities are looking for ways to better serve the public while adhering to privacy concerns and strict budgetary restrictions. Credit Solutions provides effective customized collection services for all types of government debt, including federal, state and local organizations.

Commercial Division

With increased pressure in today’s business environment, companies are finding it even more difficult to sustain cash flow while managing the growing complexity of accounts receivable management (ARM). Many business establishments are finding it more cost effective and efficient to outsource their delinquent account receivables. Credit Solutions can provide customized and proven account receivable management (ARM) solutions that improve cash flow and reduce costs for our commercial clients.